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Why You Should Choose
Trademark Terminal for Your Logo

When it comes to trademarking a logo, the question that most people have is
"why do I need to trademark my logo?"

The answer is that a logo is the most important part of a business and according to the branding experts it is considered as the second highest earning intangible asset for a business after the name. It adds value to the business and can make the business earn millions if it has to be sold or the rights are to be shared over it. Therefore, a logo has to be secured and you need to trademark logo design before you lose rights over it and the benefits it brings to your business/organization.

We, at, Trademark Terminal make sure that you get your logo trademarked before anyone claims any right over it or imitate your logo design. We have a convenient system through which you can do a trademark logo design search on the USPTO database and check if logo is trademarked already or you have created a new design. We may help you trademark logo design free in exceptional cases. Our aim is to provide you with the best services so that you do not face any legalities and your business works smoothly.

The Services Trademark Terminal Offers

We are striving every day to make our customer experience better and improved. Our services include



We offer valid trademark registration logo design services where you get to register your logo and get the unlimited benefits affiliated with it. You can register in some simple steps and get tm trademark logo design for your business.


Comprehensive Trademark

We allow you to comprehensively search for a logo, so that you know which logo exists and what other trademark logo design ideas you can come up with.


Free Trademark

We offer free services of searching for a logo so that you can trademark logo design online free.



Other than the trademark services, we offer copyright registration for your logo. We guide you thoroughly on how to copyright a logo. The process for copyright is slightly different from the trademark process.

Cost to Trademark a Logo

When businesses or individuals opt for trademarking their logos they usually have a concern about the cost, if you are also concerned about how much does it cost to trademark your logo then do not worry, we offer trademarking logo design in affordable prices. The range for logo trademark starts from $220 up to $700, though the average cost for an average worth business remains around $400-$500. This cost is nothing compared to the benefits the logo will bring to your business. Nonetheless, the price for some legalities may increase a little bit.

Trademark Your Logo Design Now

Trademark your logo today to get benefited from all the benefits, a trademarked logo is your property and the most effective intangible asset. The trademarked logo could be kept to your own business or if the worth increases, you can sell the logo and/or provide partial rights to the buyer. We guarantee you the quality of work and assured trademarking of your logo. Once your logo is trademarked, you can easily market it without the fear of it being stolen or imitated by competitors and other businesses.

Assurance of Authenticity

For us, at, Trademark Terminal our customers matter the most. We make sure that all your issues are resolved before you opt for trademarking your logo design. We assure you that once your logo is proven unique by our trademark logo design search, we will start the process of your logo trademarking at the earliest. We guarantee you authenticity and reliability in our services. After all, our clients are our topmost priority and their satisfaction is our achievement.

Frequently Asked Quesations

The cost to trademark a logo starts from $220 and can go up to $700. However, the average cost for a small and/or average business lies between $400 to $500. The Cost for trademarking a name lies in the range of $50 to $150 if you are an average business.
Yes, you should definitely trademark your logo even if you are a small-scale business. Since you are a small business, many people or companies may not be aware of your logo design and therefore you are at higher risk of being imitated by any business. Trademark your logo design to stay away from any issues in the future.
If you do not trademark the logo design then your logo is at higher risk of being copied or stolen by absolutely anyone or any business. Furthermore, if the copied logo owners trademark it first then you will have to let go of all the rights on the logo. It is better that you trademark your logo design at the very beginning of your business.
Trademarking logo design does not take much time. It is usually a process of a couple of weeks or just a little longer and you become the legal owner of the logo. However, if there are disputes over your logo being copied or you not being the rightful owner then the process may take longer.
You can always claim right over the logo and sue the company or business that has copied the logo. It is your right to show authority over the trademarked logo design. You can also opt for settlement with them if they want to pay you settlement money.
You have to let go of all the rights on the logo then because there is no proof of the logo being registered under your business name.

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