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Create Exceptional and Unqiue Trademark Class 35: Names

Why Should You Choose
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Name is the identity of any business; it is the uniqueness each business has regardless of the nature of it or number of competitors, it differentiates the business from other similar businesses in the industry. It is the biggest and highest paying intangible asset for any business. A name is not only the identity but when later in time the business becomes successful and starts to earn a profit, the name is what people trust.

At times, when a business becomes highly successful, the noun (name of the business) becomes so popular that it turns into a verb.

The name adds the desired fame to a business; the franchises that sell around the globe are all because of their names. The only thing they transfer and get paid millions for is the name of the business.

To keep your business name secured from any fraud or imitations and make your business get all the benefits from it, you need to trademark your name and we, at, Trademark Terminal, offer ultimate services to answer all your trademark related questions. We make sure you get your name trademarked and your business may earn from the name. To solve your concern about how to look up trademark names we have our easy search service.

Services at Trademark Terminal

We understand your concerns towards the trademarking and therefore we offer services that include answers to your questions. Our services are


Name Registration

Our trademark name registration service includes registration of your business name and your claim over the name. Before the registration process, most people think about how to check trademark name availability or how to check for trademark names so that at the time of registration they do not feel any hurdles. The answer to this is our next service.


Comprehensive Trademark
Name Search

The comprehensive trademark search is the answer to your questions on how to search for trademark names, how to find trademark names, etc. We allow you to comprehensively search your desired names and find out either the name exists itself or similar sort of name is present which might cause trouble in the future.


Free Trademark
Name Search

To add more convenience to our customers' experience and to provide them more ease with cost-saving, we provide options for how to search for a trademark name for free. Yes, this service by Trademark Terminal is absolutely free and you do not pay for searching any name at all. We allow you to access the USPTO database and check if your trademark name exists there. If not, then we help you with registering your new name.


Name Registration

We also offer copyright name registration services in which all the rights related to name are affiliated to you. This process is a bit different from that of the trademark process. There are some more legalities attach to this process than the trademarking process.

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark a Name

Trademark Terminal offers all the services at affordable prices. The name trademarking service cost starts from $50 and can go up to $ 150. This cost is financially feasible and every business can spend this amount easily for having the benefits the name brings in the future.
The cost paid for trademarking the name is nothing compared to the benefits the name brings. Once your name is established in the market, you can also expand to different brands with the similar name and earn on its basis.

We Provide Complete Assurance of Authenticity

Our customers matter the most to us, therefore, we make sure that the whole process works smoothly and there are no issues in the registration and trademarking process of your business name. Our experts work efficiently to provide you with authentic services.
We, at, Trademark Terminal assure with the authenticity of your business name and we promise you that your name will be unique and one of its kind. After you have searched for it, we also make sure to search for the name just to double-check if there is any possibility of similarity.

Trademark Your Business Name from Trademark Terminal Now

Do not waste a single second wasting time anymore. Get your name trademarked today from us. The more time you wait, the more the chances of name imitation may occur. Your name is your business’s unique identity, it is the highest paying asset you have, get it trademarked, or else you may lose all the rights over it.
If you do not get it trademarked today, some other business may think of the similar name and if they trademark it before you then you will have no rights on the name and no legal guidance can help you with that. Therefore, we are always at your service, anytime you decide to trademark your name we will guide you.

Frequently Asked Quesations

To search for a trademark name in India you can get access to the Indian Trademark database, use the prefix in the search bar, and see the names. It is simple and you can easily find names there. If your search does not match any names, it means you can register your name now.
To check the trademark name availability in India, you can access the Indian Trademark database and search for your desired name using the prefix method. If you find similar names then look for other names, if the name is unique, you can register it as yours.
The business name is the identity, it is the uniqueness each business has, it brings millions if sold or partially given the share to somebody else. If you trademark your name under your business, you can get all the benefits it brings for a business and all the rights of it will remain only with you. There will be no fear of imitation.
If you do not register it or trademark it, you may have to face huge losses. Because if somebody else comes up with the same name and trademarks it, then you will have to first, let go of all the rights on it, and second, you will have to pay the penalty if they sue you for having a similar name.

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