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A trademark may seem like just a logo but there is a lot more to the aspect than just that. It is a government declaration of your brand's existence, its authenticity, and its right to the particular brand name. In the world of trade, it gets tougher by the minute as the genre you are dealing with will be expanding constantly. A product can easily be replaced by another in the sea of replicas and gimmicks if it does not bear the trademark. At Trademark Terminal, we aid businesses to steer clear from suffering the consequences of not owning a trademark.

Why do you need a trademark public search application?

The detriments of not keeping yourself updated with a trademark registration public search will put your brand on the spectrum of getting sued or even dissolving. A trademark public search by application number will get you a head start on things. You will have an awareness about the names that are already taken up in your genre, which will safeguard your firm from suffering the consequences of getting sued by competitors.


Work with professionals

Trademark Terminal is a verified body recognized by the USPTO so when you are collaborating with us, you know you are in for a real deal. The site is in direct contact with the officials so anything you are paying at our end will be a safe purchase.


Apt service at trademark status public search

Purchasing a trademark requires a certain degree of proficiency. Apart from that, the body needs to be a verified one for it to uphold the name of the USPTO governance. At Trademark Terminal, we work with a dedicated team that will ensure every clause is fulfilled and that the client has a smooth experience.

Secure a trademark registry public search as per your convenience:

Once you collaborate with us, we will treat your firm as of our very own. Our work ethic abides by strict practices of rendering utter customer satisfaction by devising a stringent plan of action to complete the trademark public ruling. In short, you will secure a spot at the trademark public advisory committee once you team up with us.

Long-term sustainability through trademark public search class

The course of business is ideally a long one. Any stakeholder risking it all on a brand is bound to want their trade to last a lifetime and more. A trademark, by perhaps sheer coincidence, falls right under that category. Unlike patents, trademarks are not bound to last until a specified time. With our efforts in place, you will be able to exercise your trademark as long as you want.

A diverse approach towards getting enlisted

With the clientele that we are served with, we now possess the expertise at a vast array of business structures. As a diverse body holding unprecedented status at what we do, be it a small-time business or a multinational, we are fully equipped to serve you with the best of our efforts that speak myriads in itself. We abide by thorough corporate governance practices that leave no space for dissatisfaction at the client's end.

Easy application for trademark public domain

What was once a long and tedious procedure of several drives to the court and meetings with professionals is now a breeze owing to our user-friendly web portal whereby you undertake the simple task of signing up with us. Once you are done with the signing up, the drives and meetings are under our behest to take effect. You can rest assured right where you are that your trademark is already halfway done with.

A thorough approach towards securing the trademark public notice

With our best practices and thorough approach towards harnessing clients with trademarks, it will not be long till you will grow the kind of loyalty for Trademark Terminal that you hope for from your clientele. We adhere to utter transparency and sheer professionalism throughout our course of action and strive to work with the client in close contact from the start-up to the end.

Unabated expertise and experience at trademark mark public search

When you reach out to us, you are reaching out to professionals that have studied the procedure of earning a trademark and are familiar with the very crevices of the entire structure. Trademark Terminal renders its course in compliance with local legislation and statute which brings it the maestro status at its tenure, regardless of country of origin.

Frequently Asked Quesations

A firm needs to be in the practice of trade and reach several sales to qualify for the criteria listed in the Trademark Public Search Library clauses to avail one.
Yes. A business needs to make Bonafide sakes nationwide to qualify for a trademark.
No difference as such except that a service mark applies to a service provider and a trademark is provided to a trader.
The USPTO replies in between 3 to 6 months after the application is submitted. Depending on your business qualifying for the criteria of the class you are applying for, the trademark may be obtained in about 1 year or more.
You can always claim right over the logo and sue the company or business that has copied the logo. It is your right to show authority over the trademarked logo design. You can also opt for settlement with them if they want to pay you settlement money.

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