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Why Should You Select
Trademark Terminal to Trademark for Website

Many people when they are asked to do a trademark for a website show reluctance. They do not think that to register trademark for website is an important job to get done. Let us tell you why it is important to trademark each element of your website.

A website in today’s technological era is like a storefront. It shows everything the business has and has all the products or services lined on it. It is one of the biggest intangible assets for a business, just as the property of a store of a business is worth thousands of dollars; the website is also worth a huge amount since it is just like the store itself.

A website represents your business online; it adds value to the online appearance of the business. When a business is backed up with a website, its credibility becomes high for the customers. In addition, the same website gives a huge profit when sold or when given partial rights to other shareholders.

It is important to trademark every single element of the website, the trademark elements may include, trademark for website name, trademark for domain name, trademark class for website, trademark wording for website, trademark notice for website, trademark code for website, trademark icon for website, trademark statement for website, trademark classification for website, etc.

If you do not trademark any of the elements, the element may be copied by any other website and your business may face loss. You will not be able to stop them either if they claim rights over the element. To save you from any of the future miseries, we, at Trademark Terminal provide you complete services to trademark your website and trademark each element of it such as the name, code, class, working, statement, icon, classification, trademark class for online website, etc.

The Services at Trademark Terminal

We make sure our customers are satisfied and for that the services at Trademark Terminal include


Website Trademark Registration

The service of website trademark registration allows you to register your website and trademark each element of it. This allows you to see for any trademark domain name dispute as well, so that, in future you do not face any issues. Also, the trademark domain name infringement is resolved here.


Comprehensive Website Trademark Search

We also offer services of a comprehensive website name trademark search, where you search for the domain name of any website and see if you can buy it if you desire to.


Free Website Trademark Search

The free website trademark search allows you to trademark domain name search, you can find different domain names and see if there is an existing domain. If there is an existing domain then look for another one. For ‘trademark my website name’ concern, you can also search website names. We allow you access to the USPTO database; so that you can conveniently search absolutely any name or domain present anywhere.


Website Copyright Registration

We allow you to also copyright your website name, domain name, code, class, working, statement, icon, classification, etc. this service is a little different from that of the trademarking. The process involves many regularities and legalities.

Cost to Trademark a Website

The cost to trademark a website is not that high and we offer it at affordable prices. The cost usually occurs in the range of $600 to $ 700. The cost for each element, however, may occur differently, such as the cost for the domain name is different, the cost for icon trademarking is different, the cost for wording trademarking is different and all of this sum up to how many elements you want to as trademarked.
Once all the elements are trademarked, no other website or online page can take your working, icons, domain, etc. and you can earn a huge amount of money out of these all. The cost will be then nothing compared to the profits you will make.

Trademarking Your Website with Authenticity

We provide authentic services and we make sure that your website with every single element is authentically trademarked. You may check the domain name but we make sure of its uniqueness by double-checking the website name and domain name.
Our customers matter the most to us and their satisfaction is our top-most priority. We promise you uniqueness and differentiation and we guarantee you that no one will ever have your website name or domain name.

Trademark Your Website Today From Trademark Terminal

Trademark terminal is your trusted source to trademark your website. You need to trademark the website or else you might feel a fraud in the future. Do not waste a single second and get your website trademarked from us today. The more you take in trademarking your website, the more chances of it encountering imitations will occur.
If you do not get your website trademarked today, there might be a new website that will copy your domain name and get it trademarked before you. You will not be able to take any legal actions then and no benefit will be given to you. Therefore, without wasting a single moment, concern the Trademark terminal and get your website trademarked.

Frequently Asked Quesations

Your website is one of the strongest intangible assets your business has, it makes you earn your online revenues, trademarking it will give you the guarantee that you are the rightful owner and you can take benefit from its existence.
If you do not trademark your website, then you may lose rights over it. If somebody copies the same name or claims the website as theirs and they trademark it before you then you will have to let go of all the rights on the website and you will have no benefits from it either.
Yes, even if it is a startup and a really small business, you should trademark it because it is your entity and you may have plans to expand in the future for sure.

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